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This is a list of postcodes in the TS area, Cleveland. The area covers Billingham, Blackhall Colliery, Hartlepool, Hartlepool Power Station, High Clarence, Hutton Rudby, Ingleby Barwick, Middlesbrough, Redcar, Rudby, Stockton-on-Tees, Teesside Shopping Park, Thornaby-on-Tees, Wolviston, Works, nr Redcar. The area contains approximately 256,341 households with a population of about 602,320 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
TS9 7JF54.393095-1.169108454049500053NZ540000Yes
TS9 7JG54.397389-1.172283453837500528NZ538005Yes
TS9 7JH54.419775-1.193347452441503003NZ524030Yes
TS9 7JJ54.408052-1.166849454176501719NZ541017Yes
TS9 7JL54.38977-1.140962455881499705SE558997Yes
TS9 7JN54.38238-1.129276456650498892SE566988Yes
TS9 7JP54.373847-1.124992456940497946SE569979Yes
TS9 7JQ54.411445-1.181988453189502085NZ531020Yes
TS9 7JR54.365453-1.118937457345497017SE573970Yes
TS9 7JS54.360948-1.131634456526496505SE565965Yes
TS9 7JT54.356326-1.125626456923495996SE569959Yes
TS9 7JU54.352782-1.132671456470495596SE564955Yes
TS9 7JW54.37357-1.139742455982497903SE559979Yes
TS9 7JX54.395048-1.126956456783500303NZ567003Yes
TS9 7JY54.390128-1.142017455812499744SE558997Yes
TS9 7JZ54.389754-1.142518455780499702SE557997Yes
TS9 7LA54.355219-1.12051457257495877SE572958Yes
TS9 7LB54.357515-1.122369457133496131SE571961Yes
TS9 7LD54.350841-1.122773457116495388SE571953Yes
TS9 7LE54.344356-1.125788456929494664SE569946Yes
TS9 7LF54.348074-1.128674456736495075SE567950Yes
TS9 7LG54.341846-1.124899456990494385SE569943Yes
TS9 7LH54.343973-1.115151457621494630SE576946Yes
TS9 7LJ54.333028-1.127797456814493402SE568934Yes
TS9 7LL54.352213-1.10717458128495553SE581955Yes
TS9 7LN54.357673-1.105932458201496162SE582961Yes
TS9 7LQ54.334254-1.118482457418493546SE574935Yes
TS9 7LW54.367523-1.105299458228497258SE582972Yes
TS9 7NA54.450327-1.156336454802506431NZ548064Yes
TS9 7WT54.521793-1.223367450368514333NZ503143No
TS9 7WU54.521793-1.223367450368514333NZ503143No
TS9 7WW54.521793-1.223367450368514333NZ503143No
TS9 7WX54.521793-1.223367450368514333NZ503143Yes
TS9 7WY54.521793-1.223367450368514333NZ503143No
TS9 7WZ54.521793-1.223367450368514333NZ503143No
TS9 7YJ54.521793-1.223367450368514333NZ503143No
TS9 7YL54.438528-1.177363453454505102NZ534051No
TS9 7YN54.521793-1.223367450368514333NZ503143No
TS9 7YT54.521793-1.223367450368514333NZ503143No
TS9 7YU54.438528-1.177363453454505102NZ534051No
TS9 7YW54.44654-1.168782454000506000NZ540059No
TS9 7YX54.44654-1.168782454000506000NZ540059No
TS9 7YY54.457397-1.17936453300507200NZ532071No
TS9 7YZ54.457397-1.17936453300507200NZ532071No
TS90 8JA54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No
TS90 8JD54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No
TS90 8JE54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No
TS90 8JF54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No
TS90 8JG54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No
TS90 8JH54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No
TS90 8JJ54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No
TS90 8JL54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No
TS90 8JW54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No
TS90 8WS54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No

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