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This is a list of postcodes in the TS1 2 area covering the areas of Middlesborough Town Centre, Gresham, University, Abingdon, Middlesbrough. The area contains approximately 516 households with a population of about 1,482 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
TS1 2XJ54.573611-1.231541449776520093NZ497200No
TS1 2XL54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No
TS1 2XN54.573611-1.231541449776520093NZ497200No
TS1 2XP54.575865-1.244956448906520334NZ489203No
TS1 2XQ54.572763-1.229638449900520000NZ499199No
TS1 2XS54.573611-1.231541449776520093NZ497200No
TS1 2XT54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No
TS1 2XU54.573932-1.231086449805520129NZ498201No
TS1 2XW54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No
TS1 2XX54.573611-1.231541449776520093NZ497200No
TS1 2XY54.572763-1.229638449900520000NZ499199No
TS1 2XZ54.572763-1.229638449900520000NZ499199No
TS1 2YA54.573932-1.231086449805520129NZ498201No
TS1 2YB54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No
TS1 2YD54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No
TS1 2YE54.573711-1.237355449400520100NZ494200No
TS1 2YF54.573711-1.237355449400520100NZ494200No
TS1 2YG54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No
TS1 2YH54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No
TS1 2YJ54.573711-1.237355449400520100NZ494200No
TS1 2YL54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203Yes
TS1 2YN54.572822-1.238919449300520000NZ492199No
TS1 2YP54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No
TS1 2YQ54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No
TS1 2YR54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No
TS1 2YT54.573711-1.237355449400520100NZ494200No
TS1 2YU54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No
TS1 2YW54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No
TS1 2YX54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No
TS1 2YY54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No
TS1 2YZ54.575852-1.244942448907520333NZ489203No
  • Page 2 of 2 (231 postcodes, 75 active)

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