UB18 postcodes Ealing

This is a list of postcodes in the UB18 area covering the areas of Non-geographic, Ealing.

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
UB18 7AT51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7AU51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7BE51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7DE51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7DN51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7DS51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7ER51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7ES51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7FD51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7FR51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7HG51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7JP51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7NL51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7NY51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7NZ51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7PH51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7PT51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7SE51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7SG51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7SW51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7TH51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7TR51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7TW51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7US51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7YN51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7YS51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7YT51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7YZ51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7ZA51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 7ZB51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791No
UB18 9AT51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791No
UB18 9AU51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 9BE51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 9DE51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 9DN51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 9ER51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 9ES51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 9FD51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 9FR51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 9HG51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 9JP51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 9NL51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791No
UB18 9NY51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 9NZ51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 9PH51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 9PT51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 9SE51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 9SW51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 9TH51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 9TR51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 9TW51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 9US51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 9YN51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 9YS51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 9YT51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 9YZ51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
UB18 9ZA51.500719-0.402684510969179185TQ109791Yes
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