W1N 4 postcodes London (no longer in use)

This is a list of postcodes in the W1N 4 area covering the areas of Regents Park, Oxford Circus, London (no longer in use).

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
W1N 4AA51.521363-0.146381528700181900TQ286818No
W1N 4AB51.52161-0.146054528722181928TQ287819No
W1N 4AD51.521321-0.144869528805181898TQ288818No
W1N 4AE51.517768-0.146527528700181500TQ286814No
W1N 4AH51.522696-0.146528528686182048TQ286820No
W1N 4AJ51.520482-0.14473528817181805TQ288818No
W1N 4AL51.522781-0.147318528631182056TQ286820No
W1N 4AN51.522262-0.146344528700182000TQ287820No
W1N 4AP51.522696-0.146528528686182048TQ286820No
W1N 4AQ51.520464-0.146417528700181800TQ287817No
W1N 4AR51.521764-0.146134528716181945TQ287819No
W1N 4AS51.520688-0.14576528745181826TQ287818No
W1N 4AT51.520012-0.144533528832181753TQ288817No
W1N 4AU51.519572-0.143441528909181706TQ289817No
W1N 4AX51.521612-0.143963528867181932TQ288819No
W1N 4AY51.519011-0.144934528807181641TQ288816No
W1N 4BA51.519543-0.145013528800181700TQ288817No
W1N 4BB51.519359-0.144228528855181681TQ288816No
W1N 4BD51.520441-0.144977528800181800TQ287817No
W1N 4BE51.519441-0.144282528851181690TQ288816No
W1N 4BH51.518644-0.14505528800181600TQ287815No
W1N 4BJ51.520244-0.147824528603181773TQ286817No
W1N 4BN51.520515-0.145637528754181807TQ287818No
W1N 4BR51.519543-0.145013528800181700TQ288817No
W1N 4BS51.519566-0.146454528700181700TQ286817No
W1N 4BT51.519656-0.152216528300181700TQ282816No
W1N 4BU51.520464-0.146417528700181800TQ287817No
W1N 4BY51.52006-0.149879528461181749TQ284817No
W1N 4DB51.52316-0.146308528700182100TQ286820No
W1N 4DD51.52134-0.14494528800181900TQ288818No
W1N 4DE51.519541-0.14435528846181701TQ288817No
W1N 4DH51.522262-0.146344528700182000TQ287820No
W1N 4DJ51.518745-0.144022528871181613TQ288816No
W1N 4DP51.521805-0.145311528773181951TQ287819No
W1N 4DR51.520487-0.147858528600181800TQ285817No
W1N 4DU51.519656-0.152216528300181700TQ282816No
W1N 4DX51.519656-0.152216528300181700TQ282816No
W1N 4DY51.5207-0.144851528808181829TQ288818No
W1N 4EA51.520464-0.146417528700181800TQ287817No
W1N 4EH51.520555-0.152179528300181800TQ283817No
W1N 4EJ51.518622-0.144791528818181598TQ288815No
W1N 4EL51.520487-0.147858528600181800TQ285817No
W1N 4EP51.522497-0.14645528692182026TQ286820No
W1N 4EQ51.523041-0.145015528790182089TQ287820No
W1N 4ET51.52281-0.145774528738182062TQ287820No
W1N 4EY51.519441-0.144282528851181690TQ288816No
W1N 4HB51.518745-0.144022528871181613TQ288816No
W1N 4HD51.523206-0.149189528500182100TQ284821No
W1N 4HE51.520555-0.152179528300181800TQ283817No
W1N 4HJ51.520441-0.144977528800181800TQ287817No
W1N 4HL51.520441-0.144977528800181800TQ287817No
W1N 4HN51.518644-0.14505528800181600TQ287815No
W1N 4HP51.519543-0.145013528800181700TQ288817No
W1N 4HQ51.51993-0.144507528834181744TQ288817No
W1N 4HR51.51815-0.144493528840181546TQ288815No
W1N 4HS51.517745-0.145086528800181500TQ288814No
W1N 4HT51.522831-0.145399528764182065TQ287820No
W1N 4JA51.517806-0.143787528890181509TQ288815No
W1N 4JB51.517772-0.144509528840181504TQ288815No
W1N 4JE51.520028-0.145585528759181753TQ287817No
W1N 4JH51.520752-0.145858528738181833TQ287818No
W1N 4JJ51.522619-0.145652528747182041TQ287820No
W1N 4JL51.521068-0.145946528731181868TQ287818No
W1N 4JP51.519722-0.144401528842181721TQ288817No
W1N 4JQ51.520093-0.144558528830181762TQ288817No
W1N 4JT51.519564-0.1452528787181702TQ287817No
W1N 4LD51.520597-0.145691528750181816TQ287818No
W1N 4LE51.520588-0.145692528750181815TQ287818No
W1N 4LH51.517745-0.145086528800181500TQ288814No
W1N 4LL51.517745-0.145086528800181500TQ288814No
W1N 4LN51.520597-0.145691528750181816TQ287818No
W1N 4LQ51.519832-0.145665528754181731TQ287817No
W1N 4LS51.519895-0.151356528359181728TQ283817No
W1N 4LU51.517745-0.145086528800181500TQ288814No
W1N 4LX51.519359-0.144228528855181681TQ288816No
W1N 4RF51.520515-0.145637528754181807TQ287818No
W1N 4SH51.520515-0.145637528754181807TQ287818No
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