WA55 postcodes Warrington

This is a list of postcodes in the WA55 area covering the areas of Non-geographic, Warrington.

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WA55 1 

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
WA55 1AQ53.389631-2.607242359712388259SJ597882Yes
WA55 1AX53.389634-2.606686359749388260SJ597882No
WA55 1AZ53.390459-2.607073359724388352SJ597883No
WA55 1BA53.389634-2.606686359749388260SJ597882No
WA55 1BB53.389634-2.606686359749388260SJ597882No
WA55 1BF53.389634-2.606686359749388260SJ597882No
WA55 1BJ53.390459-2.607073359724388352SJ597883No
WA55 1BL53.390459-2.607073359724388352SJ597883No
WA55 1BN53.413263-2.6315358122390903SJ581909No
WA55 1BQ53.389634-2.606686359749388260SJ597882No
WA55 1BS53.389634-2.606686359749388260SJ597882No
WA55 1DA53.389634-2.606686359749388260SJ597882No
WA55 1DG53.390459-2.607073359724388352SJ597883No
WA55 1DQ53.390459-2.607073359724388352SJ597883No
WA55 1DR53.389631-2.607242359712388259SJ597882Yes
WA55 1DU53.389631-2.607242359712388259SJ597882Yes
WA55 1DW53.389631-2.607242359712388259SJ597882Yes
WA55 1DY53.389634-2.606686359749388260SJ597882No
WA55 1EA53.389631-2.607242359712388259SJ597882Yes
WA55 1EB53.389631-2.607242359712388259SJ597882No
WA55 1EE53.389634-2.606686359749388260SJ597882No
WA55 1EF53.389634-2.606686359749388260SJ597882No
WA55 1EG53.389647-2.607241359712388261SJ597882Yes
WA55 1EH53.389634-2.606686359749388260SJ597882No
WA55 1EJ53.389631-2.607242359712388259SJ597882No
WA55 1EL53.389631-2.607242359712388259SJ597882Yes
WA55 1EP53.389634-2.606686359749388260SJ597882No
WA55 1EQ53.389634-2.606686359749388260SJ597882No
WA55 1ES53.389634-2.606686359749388260SJ597882No
WA55 1ET53.389634-2.606686359749388260SJ597882No
WA55 1EU53.389634-2.606686359749388260SJ597882No
WA55 1EW53.389634-2.606686359749388260SJ597882No
WA55 1EX53.389634-2.606686359749388260SJ597882No
WA55 1EY53.389634-2.606686359749388260SJ597882No
WA55 1EZ53.389634-2.606686359749388260SJ597882No
WA55 1GA53.389634-2.606686359749388260SJ597882No
WA55 1GG53.389631-2.607242359712388259SJ597882Yes
WA55 1HB53.389634-2.606686359749388260SJ597882No
WA55 1LR53.413263-2.6315358122390903SJ581909Yes
WA55 1LU53.389634-2.606686359749388260SJ597882No
WA55 1PP53.413263-2.6315358122390903SJ581909No
WA55 1RE53.389631-2.607242359712388259SJ597882Yes
WA55 1RT53.413263-2.6315358122390903SJ581909No
WA55 1SE53.389631-2.607242359712388259SJ597882Yes
WA55 1TR53.390459-2.607073359724388352SJ597883No
WA55 1WA53.389631-2.607242359712388259SJ597882Yes
WA55 1WB53.389631-2.607242359712388259SJ597882Yes
WA55 1WE53.389634-2.606686359749388260SJ597882No
WA55 1WH53.389631-2.607242359712388259SJ597882No
WA55 1WS53.389631-2.607242359712388259SJ597882Yes
WA55 1YY53.389631-2.607242359712388259SJ597882Yes
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