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This is a list of postcodes in the WC2B area covering the areas of Drury Lane, Aldwych, Camden. The area contains approximately 953 households with a population of about 1,831 (2011 census)

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
WC2B 6WG51.517133-0.134244529554181451TQ295814No
WC2B 6WH51.516327-0.123769530283181380TQ302813No
WC2B 6WJ51.517133-0.134244529554181451TQ295814No
WC2B 6WL51.517133-0.134244529554181451TQ295814No
WC2B 6WN51.517133-0.134244529554181451TQ295814No
WC2B 6WP51.517133-0.134244529554181451TQ295814No
WC2B 6WQ51.517133-0.134244529554181451TQ295814No
WC2B 6WR51.524565-0.112042531073182317TQ310823No
WC2B 6WS51.524565-0.112042531073182317TQ310823No
WC2B 6WT51.516327-0.123769530283181380TQ302813No
WC2B 6WU51.516327-0.123769530283181380TQ302813No
WC2B 6WW51.516327-0.123769530283181380TQ302813No
WC2B 6WX51.516327-0.123769530283181380TQ302813No
WC2B 6WY51.516327-0.123769530283181380TQ302813No
WC2B 6WZ51.516327-0.123769530283181380TQ302813No
WC2B 6XA51.513738-0.119307530600181100TQ306810No
WC2B 6XB51.513647-0.118143530681181092TQ306810No
WC2B 6XD51.513373-0.118414530663181061TQ306810No
WC2B 6XE51.513647-0.118143530681181092TQ306810No
WC2B 6XF51.51348-0.118352530667181073TQ306810Yes
WC2B 6XG51.513521-0.118022530690181078TQ306810Yes
WC2B 6XH51.513373-0.118414530663181061TQ306810No
WC2B 6XJ51.51348-0.118352530667181073TQ306810No
WC2B 6XL51.513373-0.118414530663181061TQ306810No
WC2B 6XN51.513738-0.119307530600181100TQ306810No
WC2B 6XQ51.512839-0.119344530600181000TQ306809No
WC2B 6XY51.513738-0.119307530600181100TQ306810No
WC2B 6YA51.51348-0.118352530667181073TQ306810No
WC2B 6YD51.512839-0.119344530600181000TQ306809No
WC2B 6YE51.513647-0.118143530681181092TQ306810No
WC2B 6YF51.513898-0.118609530648181119TQ306811Yes
WC2B 6YL51.513738-0.119307530600181100TQ306810No
WC2B 6YQ51.512839-0.119344530600181000TQ306809No
WC2B 6YS51.513738-0.119307530600181100TQ306810No
WC2B 6YT51.512839-0.119344530600181000TQ306809No
WC2B 6YX51.512839-0.119344530600181000TQ306809No
WC2B 6YY51.515694-0.119601530574181317TQ305813No
WC2B 6YZ51.513738-0.119307530600181100TQ306810No
WC2B 8BB51.511111-0.123739530300180800TQ302807No

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