WC2R 2 postcodes Westminster

This is a list of postcodes in the WC2R 2 area covering the areas of Somerset House, Westminster. The area contains approximately 2 households with a population of about 3 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
WC2R 2AB51.509981-0.117073530766180686TQ307806Yes
WC2R 2HH51.511636-0.11667530789180871TQ307808No
WC2R 2HS51.511871-0.11506530900180900TQ309808No
WC2R 2JA51.511871-0.11506530900180900TQ309808No
WC2R 2LA51.511894-0.116501530800180900TQ307808No
WC2R 2LS51.511612-0.116253530818180869TQ308808Yes
WC2R 2NA51.511793-0.115784530850180890TQ308808Yes
WC2R 2NB51.511502-0.115566530866180858TQ308808No
WC2R 2ND51.511893-0.115755530852180901TQ308809Yes
WC2R 2NE51.511712-0.115226530889180882TQ308808No
WC2R 2NG51.511712-0.115226530889180882TQ308808No
WC2R 2NJ51.510996-0.116538530800180800TQ307808No
WC2R 2NN51.516327-0.123769530283181380TQ302813No
WC2R 2NS51.511183-0.115334530883180823TQ308808Yes
WC2R 2NT51.517133-0.134244529554181451TQ295814No
WC2R 2NU51.516327-0.123769530283181380TQ302813No
WC2R 2PG51.511651-0.112969531046180879TQ310808Yes
WC2R 2PH51.511031-0.113712530996180809TQ309808Yes
WC2R 2PJ51.510973-0.115098530900180800TQ308808No
WC2R 2PL51.510949-0.113657531000180800TQ310807No
WC2R 2PN51.510814-0.111919531121180788TQ311807Yes
WC2R 2PP51.50998-0.117098530764180686TQ307806Yes
WC2R 2PR51.511328-0.114247530958180841TQ309808No
WC2R 2PS51.516327-0.123769530283181380TQ302813No
WC2R 2PY51.510983-0.114074530971180803TQ309808No
WC2R 2WZ51.516327-0.123769530283181380TQ302813No
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