WR99 postcodes Worcester

This is a list of postcodes in the WR99 area covering the areas of Worcester.

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
WR99 1AA52.185381-2.252073382863254156SO828541No
WR99 1AB52.197738-2.223336384832255524SO848555No
WR99 1AD52.191646-2.179053387857254838SO878548Yes
WR99 1AE52.191646-2.179053387857254838SO878548Yes
WR99 1AZ52.197656-2.223555384817255515SO848555No
WR99 1BA52.197656-2.223555384817255515SO848555No
WR99 1BB52.197656-2.223555384817255515SO848555No
WR99 1BR52.198509-2.2241384780255610SO847556No
WR99 1DA52.198564-2.223896384794255616SO847556No
WR99 1EA52.185709-2.24564383303254191SO833541No
WR99 1FP52.197656-2.223555384817255515SO848555No
WR99 1GA52.210743-2.23006384377256972SO843569No
WR99 1HA52.186311-2.249929383010254259SO830542No
WR99 1RA52.197656-2.223555384817255515SO848555No
WR99 1RP52.184801-2.245532383310254090SO833540No
WR99 1SP52.185381-2.252073382863254156SO828541No
WR99 1WY52.197738-2.223336384832255524SO848555No
WR99 1YA52.212882-2.17851387900257200SO878571No
WR99 1YB52.215892-2.179546387830257535SO878575No
WR99 1YS52.197738-2.223336384832255524SO848555No
WR99 1YT52.197729-2.22335384831255523SO848555No
WR99 1YU52.196671-2.216951385268255404SO852554Yes
WR99 1YW52.215892-2.179546387830257535SO878575No
WR99 1YX52.197729-2.22335384831255523SO848555No
WR99 1YY52.196671-2.216951385268255404SO852554Yes
WR99 2BB52.197683-2.223496384821255518SO848555No
WR99 2BR52.198509-2.2241384780255610SO847556No
WR99 2FP52.197683-2.223496384821255518SO848555Yes
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