Miscellaneous Delphi Code

Here's some stuff I've written in Delphi. Source code is provided for all these components. I only work on these files when I'm in the mood, so they don't get updated very often. If you make any useful changes to the source code or find any bugs, could you inform me so that I can integrate the changes with my code?

Demo?Delphi version
TLCDLabel - An LCD display component. I didn't write this myself, although the original version has disappeared off the web, I've just updated it so it works with Delphi 7No7
TStopwatch - A stopwatch component. Requires the TLCDLabel component. Used in the Stopwatch applicationNo5, 6, 7
TToolhelpSnapshot - A wrapper around some of the Windows Toolhelp functionality. This won't work with NT4. Now allows processes to be killedNo5
TFileVersionInfo -A component to get the version information from EXEs, DLLs etc.No5
TWebLabel -A label that will take the user to a webpage using the default browser. Simply set the Webpage propertyYes5
TIPControl -A wrapper round the Windows IP address controlNo5
TColourButton and TOwnerDrawButton -A coloured button control and the owner-draw button from which it derivesYes5