Here are some links to websites that may be of interest

My other stuff

My Amazon wish list - Perhaps you've become a multimillionaire thanks to something you found on this site, perhaps you're an internet shopping addict who's run out things to buy for yourself. Whatever the reason, if you'd like to buy me something, here's what I'd like.
Doogal Bell's bloggy thing - My blog

Links with rewards

These links are for products I use and the links will pay me and you some kind of reward if you sign up with them.

Money Dashboard - Keep track of your finances. If you sign up, we both get 10 shares in the company, which will become worth something if the company is listed
Bulb - Electricity and gas supplier who I love because they have a single tariff so no more faffing around looking for the cheapest deal. Their power is also environmentally friendly. We both get £50 if you sign up
RateSetter - Earn more from your money with this Peer to Peer investment. You get £100 and I get £50 if you sign up

People I know

Sweetheart Studio - My other half's family photography business
Jo Campbell personal brand photography - And her headshot, personal brand and commercial photography business

Work related stuff

BusinessOptix - My employer, developer of a very simple and intuitive modelling tool
X-Genics - Developers of an innovative product to ensure compliance to procedures
Process Mapping, Metastorm BPM consulting and development - My old employer.