Property sales statistics

Most expensive areas

This shows the areas with the most expensive properties, ignoring those with less than 10 sales this calendar year. As you may expect, the list is all in central London (or it was when I originally built it).

AreaAverage price
W8 - Kensington, Holland Park, Kensington and Chelsea£1,344,851
TW10 - Ham, Petersham, Richmond upon Thames£1,250,014
NW1 - Euston, Camden Town, Somers Town, Primrose Hill, Gospel Oak, Lisson Grove, Camden£1,059,429
W14 - West Kensington, Kensington Olympia, Holland Park, Kensington and Chelsea£1,040,800
SW3 - Chelsea, Brompton, Knightsbridge, Kensington and Chelsea£1,010,966
W5 - Ealing, Park Royal, Ealing£938,128
W2 - Paddington, Bayswater, Hyde Park, Westbourne Green, Little Venice, Westbourne Green, Notting Hill, Westminster£893,842
W11 - Notting Hill, Holland Park, Kensington and Chelsea£863,273
RG9 - Hambleden, Rotherfield Peppard, Turville, Turville Heath, Skirmett, Rockwell End, Mill End, Fawley, Fingest, Frieth, Greenlands, Nettlebed, Shiplake, South Oxfordshire£844,861
SW6 - Fulham, Parson's Green, Hammersmith and Fulham£834,988

Cheapest areas

This shows the areas with the cheapest properties, ignoring those with less than 10 sales this calendar year. At time of writing this list is almost exclusively oop North. In fact you could swap your mansion in Belgravia for a whole street of houses in several places.

AreaAverage price
SR8 - Easington, Easington Colliery, Horden, Little Thorpe, Peterlee, Shotton, Shotton Colliery, County Durham£43,983
BB11 - Burnley, Burnley£49,425
CF43 - Ferndale, Blaenllechau, Tylorstown, Penrhys, Pontygwaith, Stanleytown, Maerdy, Rhondda Cynon Taf£51,701
ST1 - Hanley, Cobridge, Sneyd Green, Staffordshire£52,144
DH6 - Thornley, Coxhoe, County Durham£59,148
L6 - Anfield, Liverpool City Centre, Everton, Fairfield, Kensington, Tuebrook, Liverpool£59,184
BB10 - Burnley, Cliviger, Reedley, Worsthorne, Burnley£62,180
BD4 - Bierley, Bowling, East Bierley, Laisterdyke, Tong, Tong Street, Tyersal, Bradford£63,038
TS1 - Middlesborough Town Centre, Gresham, University, Abingdon, Middlesbrough£63,760
FY1 - Blackpool, Blackpool£67,336

Annual change

Find the areas with the biggest price increases and falls over the last year

AreaAnnual change (%)
LU - Luton10.0
HD - Huddersfield8.8
SK - Stockport7.5
LD - Llandrindod Wells7.3
EC - Central London6.5
YO - York6.4
LE - Leicester6.3
IG - Ilford5.8
NP - Newport5.4
B - Birmingham5.3
WS - Walsall5.3
CT - Canterbury5.2
S - Sheffield5.0
CV - Coventry5.0
HR - Hereford4.9
PO - Portsmouth4.8
DA - Dartford4.7
HA - Harrow4.4
RM - Romford4.2
WV - Wolverhampton4.2
TR - Truro4.2
CR - Croydon4.1
PL - Plymouth4.1
M - Manchester4.0
TW - Twickenham4.0
NN - Northampton4.0
DE - Derby4.0
NG - Nottingham3.9
BH - Bournemouth3.9
WR - Worcester3.8
EN - Enfield3.8
EX - Exeter3.7
TN - Tonbridge3.6
MK - Milton Keynes3.6
SE - South East London3.6
IP - Ipswich3.6
CW - Crewe3.4
PE - Peterborough3.3
SA - Swansea3.3
BD - Bradford3.3
LS - Leeds3.3
BS - Bristol3.2
DT - Dorchester3.2
RH - Redhill3.1
ST - Stoke-on-Trent3.0
BL - Bolton3.0
LN - Lincoln3.0
BN - Brighton2.9
SS - Southend-on-Sea2.9
ME - Rochester2.9
WD - Watford2.8
BA - Bath2.8
CF - Cardiff2.7
N - North London2.7
SM - Sutton2.7
PR - Preston2.6
WA - Warrington2.5
TA - Taunton2.4
DN - Doncaster2.3
GL - Gloucester2.3
SY - Shrewsbury2.3
TQ - Torquay2.2
NR - Norwich2.2
CO - Colchester2.2
DL - Darlington2.2
SG - Stevenage2.2
CA - Carlisle2.1
WF - Wakefield2.1
NE - Newcastle upon Tyne2.0
SP - Salisbury2.0
SN - Swindon1.9
W - West London1.8
DY - Dudley1.8
SL - Slough1.3
LL - Llandudno1.2
WN - Wigan1.2
OX - Oxford1.1
AL - St Albans1.0
GU - Guildford0.9
CM - Chelmsford0.8
BR - Bromley0.7
OL - Oldham0.6
SO - Southampton0.6
DH - Durham0.5
HU - Hull0.5
BB - Blackburn0.4
KT - Kingston upon Thames0.4
TF - Telford0.4
TS - Cleveland0.3
L - Liverpool0.1
RG - Reading0.1
SR - Sunderland-0.7
CH - Chester-1.1
LA - Lancaster-1.1
E - East London-1.3
HX - Halifax-1.5
HP - Hemel Hempstead-1.5
SW - South West London-1.7
NW - North West London-2.2
CB - Cambridge-2.6
HG - Harrogate-2.7
FY - Blackpool-3.1
UB - Southall-4.9
WC - Central London-5.6