EC1A 2 postcodes City of London

This is a list of postcodes in the EC1A 2 area covering the areas of St Bartholomew's Hospital, City of London. The area contains approximately 4 households with a population of about 16 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
EC1A 2AA51.516273-0.102498531759181412TQ317814Yes
EC1A 2AD51.516202-0.104793531600181400TQ315813No
EC1A 2AE51.51633-0.102683531746181418TQ317814Yes
EC1A 2AH51.516179-0.103352531700181400TQ317814No
EC1A 2AJ51.516179-0.103352531700181400TQ317814No
EC1A 2AL51.517473-0.103327531698181544TQ316815Yes
EC1A 2AP51.517147-0.107636531400181500TQ314814No
EC1A 2AQ51.517187-0.105674531536181508TQ315815No
EC1A 2AR51.516179-0.103352531700181400TQ317814No
EC1A 2AS51.516179-0.103352531700181400TQ317814No
EC1A 2AT51.516738-0.104006531653181461TQ316814Yes
EC1A 2AY51.517187-0.102878531730181513TQ317815Yes
EC1A 2BB51.516202-0.104793531600181400TQ315813No
EC1A 2BE51.516202-0.104793531600181400TQ315813No
EC1A 2BJ51.516179-0.103352531700181400TQ317814No
EC1A 2BL51.516179-0.103352531700181400TQ317814No
EC1A 2BN51.516947-0.104733531602181483TQ316814Yes
EC1A 2BP51.517137-0.105345531559181503TQ315815Yes
EC1A 2BQ51.517147-0.107636531400181500TQ314814No
EC1A 2BS51.516996-0.102727531741181492TQ317814No
EC1A 2DA51.516727-0.107783531391181453TQ313814No
EC1A 2DD51.517124-0.106196531500181500TQ314815No
EC1A 2DE51.517239-0.106076531508181513TQ315815Yes
EC1A 2DH51.516842-0.102676531745181475TQ317814Yes
EC1A 2DJ51.516996-0.102727531741181492TQ317814Yes
EC1A 2DL51.516179-0.103352531700181400TQ317814No
EC1A 2DP51.517051-0.102812531735181498TQ317814Yes
EC1A 2DQ51.516761-0.102524531756181466TQ317814Yes
EC1A 2DR51.516179-0.103352531700181400TQ317814No
EC1A 2DT51.516202-0.104793531600181400TQ315813No
EC1A 2DY51.516926-0.104546531615181481TQ316814No
EC1A 2EA51.517473-0.103327531698181544TQ316815No
EC1A 2EB51.517101-0.104755531600181500TQ316815No
EC1A 2ED51.517101-0.104755531600181500TQ316815No
EC1A 2EE51.517629-0.104056531647181560TQ316815No
EC1A 2EJ51.516921-0.101981531793181485TQ317814Yes
EC1A 2EL51.516179-0.103352531700181400TQ317814No
EC1A 2EN51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC1A 2EP51.516179-0.103352531700181400TQ317814No
EC1A 2ER51.517101-0.104755531600181500TQ316815No
EC1A 2ES51.517147-0.107636531400181500TQ314814No
EC1A 2ET51.517147-0.107636531400181500TQ314814No
EC1A 2EU51.516202-0.104793531600181400TQ315813No
EC1A 2EX51.516179-0.103352531700181400TQ317814No
EC1A 2EY51.516179-0.103352531700181400TQ317814No
EC1A 2FD51.517128-0.104206531638181504TQ316815Yes
EC1A 2FE51.517147-0.107636531400181500TQ314814No
EC1A 2FG51.517594-0.105773531528181553TQ315815Yes
EC1A 2FH51.517147-0.107636531400181500TQ314814No
EC1A 2JB51.517187-0.105674531536181508TQ315815No
EC1A 2JP51.517101-0.104755531600181500TQ316815No
EC1A 2JQ51.517187-0.105674531536181508TQ315815No
EC1A 2WL51.517187-0.105674531536181508TQ315815No
EC1A 2WX51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC1A 2WY51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
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