EC1N 6 postcodes Camden

This is a list of postcodes in the EC1N 6 area covering the areas of Hatton Garden, Camden. The area contains approximately 4 households with a population of about 8 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
EC1N 6AA51.518751-0.106705531460181680TQ314816Yes
EC1N 6EP51.519095-0.107397531411181717TQ314817No
EC1N 6QA51.518046-0.107599531400181600TQ313816No
EC1N 6QP51.518932-0.105688531530181702TQ315817No
EC1N 6QQ51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC1N 6RA51.518423-0.106332531487181644TQ314816Yes
EC1N 6RB51.518944-0.107562531400181700TQ313816No
EC1N 6RE51.518046-0.107599531400181600TQ313816No
EC1N 6RL51.518751-0.106705531460181680TQ314816No
EC1N 6RN51.518046-0.107599531400181600TQ313816No
EC1N 6RP51.518046-0.107599531400181600TQ313816No
EC1N 6RT51.518046-0.107599531400181600TQ313816No
EC1N 6RU51.518046-0.107599531400181600TQ313816No
EC1N 6RX51.518046-0.107599531400181600TQ313816No
EC1N 6RY51.518346-0.107284531421181634TQ314816Yes
EC1N 6SA51.518277-0.106727531460181627TQ314816Yes
EC1N 6SB51.517836-0.105734531530181580TQ315815No
EC1N 6SD51.518301-0.107271531422181629TQ314816No
EC1N 6SE51.518046-0.107599531400181600TQ313816No
EC1N 6SJ51.518439-0.107424531411181644TQ314816Yes
EC1N 6SN51.519095-0.107397531411181717TQ314817Yes
EC1N 6SP51.518046-0.107599531400181600TQ313816No
EC1N 6SQ51.518046-0.107599531400181600TQ313816No
EC1N 6SS51.518301-0.107271531422181629TQ314816No
EC1N 6ST51.518046-0.107599531400181600TQ313816No
EC1N 6SX51.518046-0.107599531400181600TQ313816No
EC1N 6TD51.518601-0.106772531456181663TQ314816Yes
EC1N 6TE51.518985-0.106709531459181706TQ314817Yes
EC1N 6TQ51.518985-0.106709531459181706TQ314817No
EC1N 6TS51.518046-0.107599531400181600TQ313816No
EC1N 6TT51.518046-0.107599531400181600TQ313816No
EC1N 6TY51.518046-0.107599531400181600TQ313816No
EC1N 6UA51.518046-0.107599531400181600TQ313816No
EC1N 6UB51.51858-0.106726531459181661TQ314816No
EC1N 6UH51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC1N 6UJ51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
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