EC1M 3 postcodes Islington

This is a list of postcodes in the EC1M 3 area covering the areas of Clerkenwell, Farringdon, Islington. The area contains approximately 98 households with a population of about 208 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
EC1M 3AB51.521357-0.106597531460181970TQ314819No
EC1M 3AD51.521387-0.106783531447181973TQ314819No
EC1M 3AF51.520319-0.105648531529181856TQ315818Yes
EC1M 3AP51.520317-0.105674531527181856TQ315818No
EC1M 3AU51.524565-0.112042531073182317TQ310823No
EC1M 3BA51.519493-0.105348531552181765TQ315817No
EC1M 3HA51.519286-0.105847531518181741TQ315817Yes
EC1M 3HB51.518921-0.106121531500181700TQ315816No
EC1M 3HD51.518921-0.106121531500181700TQ315816No
EC1M 3HE51.520317-0.105674531527181856TQ315818Yes
EC1M 3HH51.519286-0.105847531518181741TQ315817No
EC1M 3HJ51.518921-0.106121531500181700TQ315816No
EC1M 3HL51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC1M 3HN51.519493-0.105348531552181765TQ315817No
EC1M 3HP51.519493-0.105348531552181765TQ315817No
EC1M 3HQ51.521206-0.106689531454181953TQ314819No
EC1M 3HR51.520161-0.106041531502181838TQ315818No
EC1M 3HS51.519493-0.105348531552181765TQ315817No
EC1M 3HT51.51982-0.106084531500181800TQ314818No
EC1M 3HU51.51982-0.106084531500181800TQ314818No
EC1M 3HX51.51982-0.106084531500181800TQ314818No
EC1M 3JA51.51982-0.106084531500181800TQ314818No
EC1M 3JB51.520419-0.106307531483181866TQ314818Yes
EC1M 3JE51.519843-0.107524531400181800TQ314817No
EC1M 3JF51.519901-0.105954531509181809TQ315818Yes
EC1M 3JH51.52057-0.106341531480181883TQ314818No
EC1M 3JJ51.519843-0.107524531400181800TQ314817No
EC1M 3JL51.519843-0.107524531400181800TQ314817No
EC1M 3JN51.520742-0.107487531400181900TQ313819No
EC1M 3JP51.520417-0.106333531481181866TQ314818Yes
EC1M 3JQ51.521005-0.10651531467181931TQ314819Yes
EC1M 3JR51.520742-0.107487531400181900TQ313819No
EC1M 3JT51.521387-0.106783531447181973TQ314819No
EC1M 3JU51.521387-0.106797531446181973TQ314819Yes
EC1M 3JX51.520742-0.107487531400181900TQ313819No
EC1M 3JY51.521214-0.10666531456181954TQ314819Yes
EC1M 3LB51.522004-0.107161531419182041TQ314820No
EC1M 3LH51.52164-0.10745531400182000TQ313819No
EC1M 3LL51.521795-0.106996531431182018TQ314820Yes
EC1M 3LN51.521996-0.107176531418182040TQ314820Yes
EC1M 3LP51.520742-0.107487531400181900TQ313819No
EC1M 3LT51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC1M 3LU51.519089-0.105393531550181720TQ315817No
EC1M 3LX51.521387-0.106783531447181973TQ314819No
EC1M 3LY51.520742-0.107487531400181900TQ313819No
EC1M 3NA51.520463-0.106345531480181871TQ314818No
EC1M 3ND51.520742-0.107487531400181900TQ313819No
EC1M 3NE51.52057-0.106341531480181883TQ314818No
EC1M 3NH51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC1M 3NJ51.520742-0.107487531400181900TQ313819No
EC1M 3NL51.52057-0.106341531480181883TQ314818No
EC1M 3NN51.519493-0.105348531552181765TQ315817No
EC1M 3NS51.520742-0.107487531400181900TQ313819No
EC1M 3PA51.52057-0.106341531480181883TQ314818No
EC1M 3PB51.520463-0.106345531480181871TQ314818No
EC1M 3PH51.521206-0.106689531454181953TQ314819No
EC1M 3PJ51.520959-0.106483531469181926TQ314819No
EC1M 3PL51.520959-0.106483531469181926TQ314819No
EC1M 3PN51.520959-0.106483531469181926TQ314819No
EC1M 3PP51.520417-0.106333531481181866TQ314818No
EC1M 3PQ51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC1M 3PR51.519873-0.106024531504181806TQ315818No
EC1M 3PS51.521214-0.10666531456181954TQ314819No
EC1M 3QA51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC1M 3QB51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC1M 3QD51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC1M 3WA51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC1M 3WB51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC1M 3WE51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC1M 3WF51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
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