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This is a list of postcodes in the FK10 3 area covering the areas of Alloa, Clackmannan, Sauchie, Tullibody, Falkirk. The area contains approximately 3,698 households with a population of about 9,011 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
FK10 3RA56.117255-3.786492289020693049NS890930No
FK10 3RB56.117478-3.786615289013693074NS890930No
FK10 3RD56.118436-3.781882289310693173NS893931Yes
FK10 3RE56.119275-3.782291289287693267NS892932Yes
FK10 3RF56.119806-3.782862289253693327NS892933Yes
FK10 3RG56.124159-3.781342289360693809NS893938No
FK10 3RH56.121267-3.780783289386693487NS893934Yes
FK10 3RJ56.119443-3.783714289199693288NS891932Yes
FK10 3RL56.118924-3.784221289166693231NS891932Yes
FK10 3RN56.118824-3.785535289084693222NS890932Yes
FK10 3RP56.119341-3.785173289108693279NS891932Yes
FK10 3RQ56.121262-3.783428289222693490NS892934Yes
FK10 3RR56.119356-3.786606289019693283NS890932Yes
FK10 3RS56.11982-3.784359289160693331NS891933Yes
FK10 3RT56.120084-3.783077289240693359NS892933Yes
FK10 3RU56.120259-3.782152289298693377NS892933Yes
FK10 3RW56.118591-3.786104289048693197NS890931Yes
FK10 3RX56.119964-3.784977289122693348NS891933Yes
FK10 3RY56.12048-3.783473289217693403NS892934Yes
FK10 3RZ56.120655-3.782532289276693421NS892934Yes
FK10 3SA56.121144-3.781685289330693474NS893934Yes
FK10 3SB56.120437-3.779779289447693393NS894933Yes
FK10 3SD56.117419-3.788189288915693070NS889930Yes
FK10 3SE56.117724-3.785163289104693099NS891930Yes
FK10 3SG56.117881-3.778012289549693105NS895931Yes
FK10 3SH56.11929-3.778295289535693263NS895932Yes
FK10 3SJ56.119285-3.776613289640693259NS896932No
FK10 3SL56.11888-3.777286289597693215NS895932Yes
FK10 3SN56.118642-3.778819289501693191NS895931Yes
FK10 3SP56.118194-3.780632289387693144NS893931Yes
FK10 3SR56.118639-3.779672289448693192NS894931Yes
FK10 3SS56.119425-3.781454289339693283NS893932Yes
FK10 3TA56.122368-3.781549289342693610NS893936Yes
FK10 3WA56.122368-3.781549289342693610NS893936No
FK10 3WB56.122368-3.781549289342693610NS893936No
FK10 3YE56.127851-3.77955289482694217NS894942No
FK10 3YF56.112605-3.794833288488692545NS884925No
FK10 3YG56.127851-3.77955289482694217NS894942No
FK10 3YL56.112605-3.794833288488692545NS884925No
FK10 3YN56.112605-3.794833288488692545NS884925No
FK10 3YP56.112605-3.794833288488692545NS884925No
FK10 3YQ56.112605-3.794833288488692545NS884925No
FK10 3ZA56.112605-3.794833288488692545NS884925No
FK10 3ZB56.112605-3.794833288488692545NS884925No
FK10 3ZD56.112605-3.794833288488692545NS884925No
FK10 3ZF56.112605-3.794833288488692545NS884925No
  • Page 2 of 2 (246 postcodes, 217 active)

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