FK20 postcodes Falkirk

This is a list of postcodes in the FK20 area covering the areas of Crianlarich, Luib, Tyndrum, Falkirk. The area contains approximately 151 households with a population of about 413 (2011 census)

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FK20 8 

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
FK20 8QL56.417574-4.449068249020727730NN490277No
FK20 8QN56.391866-4.6167238573725251NN385252Yes
FK20 8QP56.392332-4.617718238512725305NN385253Yes
FK20 8QQ56.391534-4.618085238486725217NN384252Yes
FK20 8QR56.392616-4.617789238509725337NN385253Yes
FK20 8QS56.399549-4.572671241322726003NN413260Yes
FK20 8QT56.419229-4.451234248893727919NN488279Yes
FK20 8QU56.392411-4.615182238669725308NN386253Yes
FK20 8QW56.392073-4.617995238494725277NN384252Yes
FK20 8QX56.42433-4.434582249940728450NN499284No
FK20 8QY56.424128-4.438007249728728435NN497284No
FK20 8QZ56.424419-4.434588249940728460NN499284No
FK20 8RJ56.388309-4.618724238433724860NN384248Yes
FK20 8RL56.383722-4.640602237063724401NN370244Yes
FK20 8RN56.393645-4.620566238342725458NN383254Yes
FK20 8RP56.393329-4.622238252725426NN382254Yes
FK20 8RQ56.437001-4.710588232977730497NN329304Yes
FK20 8RR56.393181-4.621374238290725408NN382254Yes
FK20 8RS56.394128-4.623757238147725519NN381255Yes
FK20 8RT56.394188-4.624749238086725528NN380255Yes
FK20 8RU56.410215-4.655473236259727384NN362273Yes
FK20 8RW56.393041-4.61939238412725388NN384253Yes
FK20 8RX56.424768-4.690273234176729087NN341290Yes
FK20 8RY56.435852-4.71096232949730370NN329303Yes
FK20 8RZ56.435891-4.712861232832730379NN328303Yes
FK20 8SA56.43816-4.713771232786730634NN327306Yes
FK20 8SB56.437628-4.810429226826730814NN268308Yes
FK20 8WU56.392129-4.617137238547725281NN385252No
  • Page 1 of 1 (28 postcodes, 23 active)

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