FK21 postcodes Falkirk

This is a list of postcodes in the FK21 area covering the areas of Killin, Ardeonaig, Auchmore, Clachaig, Glenlochay, Kinnell, Falkirk. The area contains approximately 429 households with a population of about 936 (2011 census)

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FK21 8 

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
FK21 8RA56.452852-4.334196256238731409NN562314Yes
FK21 8RB56.440854-4.358402254701730125NN547301Yes
FK21 8RD56.437502-4.356005254836729747NN548297Yes
FK21 8RE56.433847-4.383202253145729398NN531293Yes
FK21 8RF56.430609-4.391758252605729056NN526290Yes
FK21 8RG56.434383-4.411315251414729518NN514295Yes
FK21 8RH56.427992-4.409861251479728804NN514288Yes
FK21 8SH56.462021-4.324013256900732408NN569324Yes
FK21 8SJ56.459424-4.330737256476732133NN564321Yes
FK21 8SL56.46231-4.319086257205732430NN572324Yes
FK21 8SN56.461009-4.321938257024732291NN570322Yes
FK21 8SR56.466752-4.309795257794732905NN577329Yes
FK21 8SS56.464717-4.298934258455732656NN584326Yes
FK21 8ST56.465205-4.297356258554732707NN585327Yes
FK21 8SU56.488515-4.201742264527735108NN645351Yes
FK21 8SW56.461645-4.320127257138732358NN571323Yes
FK21 8SX56.501008-4.146229267988736390NN679363Yes
FK21 8SY56.489209-4.16845266579735120NN665351Yes
FK21 8SZ56.425348-4.339159255828728359NN558283Yes
FK21 8TA56.468116-4.316145257408733070NN574330Yes
FK21 8TB56.475881-4.322853257024733948NN570339Yes
FK21 8TD56.465901-4.316945257350732825NN573328Yes
FK21 8TE56.467658-4.315662257436733018NN574330Yes
FK21 8TF56.467525-4.316605257377733005NN573330Yes
FK21 8TG56.467454-4.315974257416732996NN574329Yes
FK21 8TH56.466583-4.316012257410732899NN574328Yes
FK21 8TJ56.471836-4.321577257087733495NN570334Yes
FK21 8TL56.480517-4.301319258367734419NN583344Yes
FK21 8TN56.47094-4.321334257099733395NN570333Yes
FK21 8TP56.470122-4.317072257358733295NN573332Yes
FK21 8TQ56.466564-4.316579257375732898NN573328Yes
FK21 8TR56.476018-4.316587257410733950NN574339No
FK21 8TS56.478049-4.324246256946734192NN569341Yes
FK21 8TT56.482189-4.344963255686734696NN556346Yes
FK21 8TU56.47001-4.316763257377733282NN573332Yes
FK21 8TX56.486008-4.293456258872735014NN588350Yes
FK21 8TY56.497175-4.244536261924736157NN619361Yes
FK21 8UA56.491576-4.393115252758735843NN527358Yes
FK21 8UB56.497081-4.487599246964736662NN469366Yes
FK21 8UH56.468152-4.317195257343733076NN573330Yes
FK21 8UJ56.468516-4.317413257331733117NN573331Yes
FK21 8UL56.468258-4.317754257309733089NN573330Yes
FK21 8UN56.468019-4.317973257295733063NN572330Yes
FK21 8UP56.467039-4.318573257254732955NN572329Yes
FK21 8UR56.466254-4.31819257275732867NN572328Yes
FK21 8US56.464582-4.319144257210732683NN572326Yes
FK21 8UT56.465446-4.318596257247732778NN572327Yes
FK21 8UW56.467093-4.318543257256732961NN572329Yes
FK21 8UX56.465029-4.318797257233732732NN572327Yes
FK21 8UY56.463241-4.323682256925732543NN569325Yes
FK21 8UZ56.464992-4.321354257075732733NN570327Yes
FK21 8WX56.468088-4.31724257340733069NN573330No
FK21 8XA56.465796-4.321127257092732822NN570328Yes
FK21 8XB56.46461-4.319658257178732687NN571326Yes
FK21 8XD56.464209-4.320916257099732645NN570326Yes
FK21 8XE56.463288-4.320681257110732542NN571325Yes
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