G58 1 postcodes Glasgow

This is a list of postcodes in the G58 1 area covering the areas of Non-geographic, Glasgow.

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
G58 1AA55.821997-4.33231253980661211NS539612Yes
G58 1AB55.821997-4.33231253980661211NS539612Yes
G58 1AD55.821997-4.33231253980661211NS539612Yes
G58 1AE55.874947-4.224093260948666879NS609668Yes
G58 1EL55.874952-4.224107260947666880NS609668Yes
G58 1GF55.874952-4.224107260947666880NS609668Yes
G58 1RT55.87756-4.23396260340667190NS603671No
G58 1RZ55.874952-4.224107260947666880NS609668Yes
G58 1SB55.821997-4.33231253980661211NS539612Yes
G58 1SD55.874962-4.224027260952666881NS609668No
G58 1SE55.874962-4.224027260952666881NS609668No
G58 1WA55.874962-4.224027260952666881NS609668No
G58 1WB55.874962-4.224027260952666881NS609668No
G58 1WX55.874962-4.224027260952666881NS609668No
G58 1YD55.874952-4.224107260947666880NS609668No
G58 1YE55.874952-4.224107260947666880NS609668No
G58 1YF55.874952-4.224107260947666880NS609668Yes
G58 1YG55.87756-4.23396260340667190NS603671No
G58 1YH55.874952-4.224107260947666880NS609668No
G58 1YL55.874952-4.224107260947666880NS609668No
G58 1YN55.874952-4.224107260947666880NS609668No
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