IV11 postcodes Highland

This is a list of postcodes in the IV11 area covering the areas of Cromarty, Highland. The area contains approximately 399 households with a population of about 906 (2011 census)

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IV11 8 

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
IV11 8AB57.68094-4.031834278940867492NH789674Yes
IV11 8UY57.681106-4.035231278738867516NH787675Yes
IV11 8UZ57.681046-4.033986278812867507NH788675Yes
IV11 8WA57.681106-4.035231278738867516NH787675No
IV11 8WB57.681106-4.035231278738867516NH787675No
IV11 8WE57.681106-4.035231278738867516NH787675No
IV11 8WW57.669541-4.022092279483866206NH794662Yes
IV11 8WX57.681106-4.035231278738867516NH787675No
IV11 8WY57.681935-4.037543278603867613NH786676Yes
IV11 8WZ57.681106-4.035231278738867516NH787675No
IV11 8XA57.68027-4.030807278999867415NH789674Yes
IV11 8XB57.680453-4.030062279044867434NH790674Yes
IV11 8XD57.651678-4.089995275372864340NH753643Yes
IV11 8XE57.680257-4.029917279052867412NH790674Yes
IV11 8XF57.680039-4.029519279075867387NH790673Yes
IV11 8XG57.679506-4.028583279129867326NH791673Yes
IV11 8XH57.67913-4.025124279334867278NH793672Yes
IV11 8XJ57.678537-4.025695279298867213NH792672Yes
IV11 8XL57.680948-4.03113278982867491NH789674Yes
IV11 8XN57.680595-4.030707279006867451NH790674Yes
IV11 8XP57.682117-4.032957278877867625NH788676Yes
IV11 8XQ57.679104-4.028477279134867281NH791672Yes
IV11 8XR57.68164-4.033534278841867573NH788675Yes
IV11 8XS57.671149-4.023606279398866387NH793663Yes
IV11 8XT57.670416-4.045934278064866346NH780663Yes
IV11 8XU57.660021-4.089134275452865267NH754652Yes
IV11 8XW57.681197-4.032402278907867521NH789675Yes
IV11 8XX57.64317-4.113702273928863437NH739634Yes
IV11 8XY57.647842-4.060968277091863860NH770638Yes
IV11 8XZ57.683652-4.036364278679867802NH786678Yes
IV11 8YA57.681798-4.037484278606867597NH786675Yes
IV11 8YB57.677562-4.041657278343867133NH783671Yes
IV11 8YD57.677335-4.035104278733867096NH787670Yes
IV11 8YE57.681803-4.036075278690867595NH786675Yes
IV11 8YF57.681395-4.036857278642867551NH786675Yes
IV11 8YG57.681855-4.035609278718867600NH787676Yes
IV11 8YH57.682346-4.036006278696867656NH786676Yes
IV11 8YJ57.682558-4.036621278660867680NH786676Yes
IV11 8YL57.682687-4.036947278641867695NH786676Yes
IV11 8YN57.681122-4.037614278596867522NH785675Yes
IV11 8YP57.679125-4.039464278479867303NH784673Yes
IV11 8YQ57.682529-4.035228278743867675NH787676Yes
IV11 8YR57.680445-4.036872278638867446NH786674Yes
IV11 8YS57.680606-4.037518278600867465NH786674Yes
IV11 8YT57.679095-4.035924278690867294NH786672Yes
IV11 8YU57.680937-4.036447278665867500NH786674Yes
IV11 8YW57.680148-4.038934278514867416NH785674Yes
IV11 8YY57.679134-4.037737278582867301NH785673Yes
IV11 8YZ57.678546-4.039683278464867239NH784672Yes
  • Page 1 of 1 (49 postcodes, 44 active)

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