IV8 postcodes Highland

This is a list of postcodes in the IV8 area covering the areas of Munlochy, Highland. The area contains approximately 354 households with a population of about 887 (2011 census)

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IV8 8 

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
IV8 8AB57.561122-4.240685266048854550NH660545Yes
IV8 8AD57.552336-4.270883264209853632NH642536Yes
IV8 8NA57.551745-4.259631264880853544NH648535Yes
IV8 8ND57.549965-4.260306264833853347NH648533Yes
IV8 8NE57.55288-4.25798264983853667NH649536Yes
IV8 8NF57.549921-4.261624264754853345NH647533Yes
IV8 8NG57.550418-4.26097264795853399NH647533Yes
IV8 8NH57.549535-4.263639264632853306NH646533Yes
IV8 8NJ57.549264-4.26272264686853274NH646532Yes
IV8 8NL57.548441-4.263086264661853183NH646531Yes
IV8 8NN57.549324-4.269877264258853295NH642532Yes
IV8 8NP57.542452-4.259256264868852509NH648525Yes
IV8 8NQ57.551043-4.261694264754853470NH647534Yes
IV8 8NR57.552243-4.259511264889853599NH648535Yes
IV8 8NS57.567733-4.30813262039855421NH620554Yes
IV8 8NT57.551798-4.261707264756853554NH647535Yes
IV8 8NU57.548088-4.262112264718853142NH647531Yes
IV8 8NW57.547461-4.260652264803853069NH648530Yes
IV8 8NY57.544778-4.269344264273852788NH642527Yes
IV8 8NZ57.534215-4.295451262671851665NH626516Yes
IV8 8PA57.562548-4.233232266499854694NH664546Yes
IV8 8PB57.552758-4.269272264307853676NH643536Yes
IV8 8PD57.557236-4.281537263590854199NH635541Yes
IV8 8PE57.548303-4.279173263698853200NH636532Yes
IV8 8PF57.569112-4.26723264490855492NH644554Yes
IV8 8PG57.569842-4.312695261774855665NH617556Yes
IV8 8PH57.579665-4.226603266958856586NH669565Yes
IV8 8PJ57.551221-4.263778264630853494NH646534Yes
IV8 8PL57.55131-4.268848264327853514NH643535Yes
IV8 8PN57.551806-4.267257264424853566NH644535Yes
IV8 8PP57.551395-4.271126264191853528NH641535Yes
IV8 8PQ57.583366-4.252123265446857048NH654570Yes
IV8 8WZ57.581044-4.250207265552856786NH655567No
IV8 8YA57.549313-4.261486264760853277NH647532No
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