IV47 postcodes Highland

This is a list of postcodes in the IV47 area covering the areas of Isle Of Skye, Highland. The area contains approximately 230 households with a population of about 530 (2011 census)

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IV47 8 

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
IV47 8SD57.325822-6.406759134843834736NG348347Yes
IV47 8SE57.298668-6.357851137591831527NG375315Yes
IV47 8SF57.290719-6.440959132531830967NG325309Yes
IV47 8SG57.258788-6.34055138349827026NG383270Yes
IV47 8SH57.30772-6.365253137210832562NG372325Yes
IV47 8SJ57.318069-6.375924136642833754NG366337Yes
IV47 8SL57.326497-6.410597134617834826NG346348Yes
IV47 8SN57.320694-6.431832133298834264NG332342Yes
IV47 8SP57.305448-6.238114144845831825NG448318Yes
IV47 8SQ57.257872-6.341538138283826928NG382269Yes
IV47 8SR57.300961-6.352421137934831761NG379317Yes
IV47 8SS57.302326-6.353796137861831918NG378319Yes
IV47 8ST57.296056-6.338487138738831162NG387311Yes
IV47 8SU57.297523-6.308952140526831212NG405312Yes
IV47 8SW57.289855-6.174999148537829856NG485298Yes
IV47 8SX57.301661-6.299239141140831635NG411316Yes
IV47 8SY57.299865-6.350051138069831630NG380316Yes
IV47 8SZ57.302056-6.354578137812831891NG378318Yes
IV47 8TA57.209297-6.290096141042821330NG410213Yes
IV47 8YA57.303462-6.360194137484832069NG374320No
IV47 8YW57.303435-6.360177137485832066NG374320No
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