IV13 postcodes Highland

This is a list of postcodes in the IV13 area covering the areas of Tomatin, Highland. The area contains approximately 259 households with a population of about 631 (2011 census)

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IV13 7 

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
IV13 7AB57.329569-4.004119279438828335NH794283Yes
IV13 7XW57.333443-3.993265280104828747NH801287Yes
IV13 7XX57.344266-3.978711281015829926NH810299Yes
IV13 7XY57.335448-3.96998281512828930NH815289Yes
IV13 7XZ57.307488-3.996492279825825864NH798258Yes
IV13 7YA57.304705-4.020545278367825597NH783255Yes
IV13 7YB57.265319-4.087342274209821335NH742213Yes
IV13 7YD57.366602-3.992419280263832436NH802324Yes
IV13 7YE57.38104-4.049581276874834145NH768341Yes
IV13 7YF57.382855-4.055638276516834358NH765343Yes
IV13 7YG57.39258-4.051057276824835432NH768354Yes
IV13 7YH57.339986-4.009007279178829503NH791295No
IV13 7YJ57.339986-4.009007279178829503NH791295No
IV13 7YL57.304705-4.020545278367825597NH783255No
IV13 7YN57.331817-3.989489280326828560NH803285Yes
IV13 7YP57.342719-4.002675279568829796NH795297Yes
IV13 7YQ57.390825-4.05234276741835239NH767352Yes
IV13 7YR57.338427-3.999151279766829312NH797293Yes
IV13 7YS57.337191-3.992055280189829162NH801291No
IV13 7YT57.340999-4.010275279105829618NH791296Yes
IV13 7YU57.337343-4.013565278895829217NH788292No
IV13 7YW57.333615-3.992061280177828764NH801287Yes
IV13 7YX57.481332-4.22395266758845636NH667456No
IV13 7ZA57.341189-4.15978270109829915NH701299Yes
IV13 7ZB57.330962-3.991287280215828468NH802284Yes
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