IV16 postcodes Highland

This is a list of postcodes in the IV16 area covering the areas of Evanton, Highland. The area contains approximately 743 households with a population of about 1,790 (2011 census)

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IV16 9 

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
IV16 9AB57.669843-4.324863261428866818NH614668No
IV16 9AD57.677297-4.307477262493867612NH624676Yes
IV16 9UA57.663469-4.337298260662866134NH606661Yes
IV16 9UB57.662219-4.337351260654865995NH606659Yes
IV16 9UD57.662392-4.336692260694866013NH606660Yes
IV16 9UG57.664733-4.333473260895866267NH608662Yes
IV16 9UH57.669245-4.31483262024866731NH620667Yes
IV16 9UJ57.662151-4.338504260585865990NH605659Yes
IV16 9UL57.661841-4.344117260249865967NH602659Yes
IV16 9UN57.663303-4.336969260681866115NH606661Yes
IV16 9UP57.661707-4.338727260570865941NH605659Yes
IV16 9UQ57.663463-4.335118260792866129NH607661Yes
IV16 9UR57.662027-4.338915260560865977NH605659No
IV16 9UT57.659463-4.342958260309865700NH603657Yes
IV16 9UU57.657957-4.357295259448865562NH594655Yes
IV16 9UW57.660726-4.340273260474865835NH604658Yes
IV16 9UX57.645737-4.370797258595864230NH585642Yes
IV16 9UY57.656106-4.32286261495865285NH614652Yes
IV16 9UZ57.662696-4.353696259681866082NH596660Yes
IV16 9WA57.662696-4.353696259681866082NH596660No
IV16 9WE57.594896-4.424234255204858685NH552586No
IV16 9WF57.594896-4.424234255204858685NH552586Yes
IV16 9XA57.658576-4.389942257503865699NH575656Yes
IV16 9XB57.663687-4.350205259893866185NH598661Yes
IV16 9XD57.663188-4.333927260862866096NH608660Yes
IV16 9XE57.663919-4.332867260928866175NH609661Yes
IV16 9XF57.663685-4.3522259774866189NH597661Yes
IV16 9XG57.660352-4.320064261678865752NH616657Yes
IV16 9XH57.681055-4.306894262542868029NH625680Yes
IV16 9XJ57.675799-4.304279262678867439NH626674Yes
IV16 9XL57.680979-4.330541261132868069NH611680Yes
IV16 9XN57.668159-4.334347260856866650NH608666Yes
IV16 9XP57.67007-4.31443262051866822NH620668Yes
IV16 9XQ57.671855-4.318015261844867028NH618670Yes
IV16 9XR57.663694-4.354146259658866194NH596661Yes
IV16 9XS57.665359-4.332188260974866334NH609663Yes
IV16 9XT57.66398-4.339712260520866196NH605661Yes
IV16 9XU57.662902-4.33872260575866074NH605660Yes
IV16 9XW57.672024-4.400503256926867218NH569672Yes
IV16 9XX57.664318-4.337487260654866229NH606662Yes
IV16 9XY57.66598-4.338935260574866417NH605664Yes
IV16 9XZ57.663879-4.33937260540866184NH605661Yes
IV16 9YA57.663358-4.339822260511866127NH605661Yes
IV16 9YB57.6619-4.33993260499865965NH604659Yes
IV16 9YD57.662745-4.340873260446866061NH604660Yes
IV16 9YE57.661837-4.340412260470865959NH604659Yes
IV16 9YF57.663694-4.339609260525866164NH605661Yes
IV16 9YG57.66346-4.342059260378866143NH603661Yes
IV16 9YH57.664057-4.343338260304866212NH603662Yes
IV16 9YJ57.664334-4.340506260474866237NH604662Yes
IV16 9YL57.594896-4.424234255204858685NH552586No
IV16 9YN57.666783-4.333437260905866495NH609664Yes
IV16 9YP57.668923-4.325039261414866716NH614667Yes
IV16 9YQ57.663752-4.342329260363866176NH603661Yes
IV16 9YR57.667666-4.32791261238866582NH612665Yes
IV16 9YS57.668274-4.326624261317866647NH613666Yes
IV16 9YT57.668624-4.335903260765866705NH607667Yes
IV16 9YU57.662482-4.342499260348866035NH603660Yes
IV16 9YW57.666548-4.331543261017866465NH610664Yes
IV16 9YX57.661801-4.341918260380865958NH603659Yes
IV16 9ZA57.661918-4.341892260382865971NH603659No
IV16 9ZD57.594896-4.424234255204858685NH552586No
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