IV21 postcodes Highland

This is a list of postcodes in the IV21 area covering the areas of Gairloch, Highland. The area contains approximately 463 households with a population of about 1,044 (2011 census)

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IV21 2 

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
IV21 2AA57.697331-5.726446178037873608NG780736Yes
IV21 2AB57.701862-5.726778178045874113NG780741Yes
IV21 2AD57.704752-5.71809178580874406NG785744Yes
IV21 2AE57.706394-5.755394176369874711NG763747Yes
IV21 2AF57.696977-5.729634177845873579NG778735Yes
IV21 2AH57.710268-5.67579181132874882NG811748Yes
IV21 2AJ57.714311-5.670002181501875313NG815753Yes
IV21 2AL57.70177-5.671939181310873924NG813739Yes
IV21 2AN57.690035-5.687068180338872668NG803726Yes
IV21 2AP57.693635-5.697088179763873101NG797731Yes
IV21 2AR57.692857-5.719942178397873089NG783730Yes
IV21 2AS57.697178-5.770811175394873737NG753737Yes
IV21 2AT57.685407-5.781336174694872463NG746724Yes
IV21 2AU57.675547-5.784923174419871378NG744713Yes
IV21 2AW57.689281-5.681468180667872566NG806725Yes
IV21 2AX57.656337-5.805764173057869311NG730693Yes
IV21 2AY57.71215-5.68092180838875108NG808751Yes
IV21 2BD57.714085-5.68026180889875321NG808753Yes
IV21 2BE57.714488-5.680906180853875368NG808753Yes
IV21 2BG57.712917-5.682073180774875197NG807751Yes
IV21 2BH57.724148-5.688576180455876467NG804764Yes
IV21 2BJ57.725585-5.689142180430876629NG804766No
IV21 2BL57.722415-5.686567180564876268NG805762Yes
IV21 2BN57.730197-5.690049180404877145NG804771Yes
IV21 2BP57.728888-5.692722180237877008NG802770Yes
IV21 2BQ57.711402-5.68469180609875037NG806750Yes
IV21 2BS57.727891-5.693292180197876899NG801768Yes
IV21 2BT57.731223-5.700187179807877292NG798772Yes
IV21 2BU57.730847-5.697964179937877243NG799772Yes
IV21 2BW57.734496-5.694925180140877639NG801776No
IV21 2BX57.736182-5.701535179757877848NG797778Yes
IV21 2BY57.732698-5.70417179579877469NG795774Yes
IV21 2BZ57.731841-5.705175179514877377NG795773Yes
IV21 2DA57.733375-5.711736179133877569NG791775Yes
IV21 2DB57.733372-5.721938178526877602NG785776Yes
IV21 2DD57.746525-5.777433175306879248NG753792Yes
IV21 2DE57.732938-5.697169179997877473NG799774Yes
IV21 2DF57.731442-5.705302179504877333NG795773Yes
IV21 2DG57.727713-5.691997180273876875NG802768Yes
IV21 2DH57.732195-5.731683177939877503NG779775Yes
IV21 2DJ57.732419-5.759018176314877618NG763776Yes
IV21 2DL57.740612-5.765049176006878549NG760785Yes
IV21 2DN57.728675-5.691373180316876980NG803769No
IV21 2DP57.726237-5.689377180420876702NG804767Yes
IV21 2DQ57.726673-5.688513180474876748NG804767Yes
IV21 2DS57.762229-5.794401174395881051NG743810Yes
IV21 2DU57.726771-5.689481180417876762NG804767Yes
IV21 2DW57.754902-5.760702176353880124NG763801Yes
IV21 2DX57.781844-5.799219174231883249NG742832Yes
IV21 2DY57.80062-5.799427174336885338NG743853Yes
IV21 2DZ57.806392-5.801517174248885987NG742859Yes
IV21 2EA57.814653-5.803938174156886914NG741869Yes
IV21 2LR57.73102-5.699141179868877266NG798772Yes
IV21 2WD57.712151-5.680903180839875108NG808751No
IV21 2YA57.712151-5.680903180839875108NG808751No
IV21 2YB57.731456-5.725337178312877400NG783774No
IV21 2YD57.731456-5.725337178312877400NG783774No
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