IV24 postcodes Highland

This is a list of postcodes in the IV24 area covering the areas of Ardgay, Highland. The area contains approximately 674 households with a population of about 1,422 (2011 census)

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IV24 3 

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
IV24 3AA57.90131-4.352321260686892635NH606926Yes
IV24 3AB57.871863-4.297009263852889245NH638892Yes
IV24 3AD57.878014-4.234846267561889806NH675898Yes
IV24 3AE57.878634-4.235846267504889877NH675898Yes
IV24 3AF57.88972-4.214433268814891069NH688910Yes
IV24 3AG57.892026-4.337459261531891571NH615915Yes
IV24 3AH57.892217-4.334401261713891586NH617915Yes
IV24 3AJ57.892824-4.341932261269891669NH612916Yes
IV24 3AL57.881619-4.363772259931890467NH599904Yes
IV24 3AN57.890309-4.35248260634891411NH606914No
IV24 3AP57.892908-4.333853261748891662NH617916Yes
IV24 3AQ57.890413-4.352233260649891422NH606914Yes
IV24 3AR57.89565-4.311689263072891922NH630919Yes
IV24 3AS57.910711-4.331297261968893638NH619936Yes
IV24 3AT57.935904-4.297773264049896374NH640963Yes
IV24 3AW57.910612-4.371097259610893709NH596937Yes
IV24 3BG57.884222-4.371532259481890773NH594907Yes
IV24 3BH57.882641-4.365271259846890584NH598905Yes
IV24 3BJ57.882981-4.364452259896890620NH598906Yes
IV24 3BL57.884048-4.364014259926890738NH599907Yes
IV24 3BN57.885771-4.375666259242890954NH592909Yes
IV24 3BP57.888882-4.44933254888891456NH548914Yes
IV24 3BQ57.881754-4.365215259846890485NH598904Yes
IV24 3BS57.86967-4.633285243902889728NH439897Yes
IV24 3BT57.883623-4.363176259974890689NH599906Yes
IV24 3BW57.88301-4.449521254853890803NH548908Yes
IV24 3DH57.879861-4.365915259797890276NH597902Yes
IV24 3DJ57.871348-4.352677260549889301NH605893Yes
IV24 3DL57.856685-4.305094263315887572NH633875Yes
IV24 3DN57.899946-4.38212258915892545NH589925Yes
IV24 3DP57.949084-4.530517250327898333NH503983Yes
IV24 3DR57.879623-4.362812259980890243NH599902Yes
IV24 3DS57.894263-4.368431259704891884NH597918No
IV24 3DW57.91594-4.415868256979894396NH569943Yes
IV24 3EA57.893965-4.347235260959891807NH609918Yes
IV24 3EB57.889848-4.344471261107891343NH611913Yes
IV24 3ED57.895757-4.347993260921892008NH609920Yes
IV24 3EE57.896484-4.348968260866892091NH608920Yes
IV24 3EF57.895436-4.347347260958891971NH609919Yes
IV24 3EG57.892223-4.345773261039891610NH610916Yes
IV24 3EH57.892493-4.343241261190891635NH611916Yes
IV24 3EJ57.893062-4.343565261173891699NH611916Yes
IV24 3EL57.893969-4.345514261061891804NH610918Yes
IV24 3EN57.893784-4.34486261099891782NH610917Yes
IV24 3EP57.889873-4.343526261163891344NH611913Yes
IV24 3EQ57.892054-4.344613261107891589NH611915Yes
IV24 3ER57.890812-4.34325261183891448NH611914Yes
IV24 3WB57.890604-4.34381261149891426NH611914No
IV24 3YA57.881128-4.36254260002890410NH600904No
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