IV28 postcodes Highland

This is a list of postcodes in the IV28 area covering the areas of Rogart, Highland. The area contains approximately 229 households with a population of about 458 (2011 census)

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IV28 3

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
IV28 3TU57.991262-4.162466272256902271NC722022Yes
IV28 3TX57.991366-4.163725272182902285NC721022Yes
IV28 3TY57.991459-4.163037272223902294NC722022Yes
IV28 3TZ57.996136-4.176416271449902840NC714028Yes
IV28 3UA58.005213-4.181503271181903860NC711038Yes
IV28 3UB58.009791-4.232513268184904468NC681044Yes
IV28 3UD58.000969-4.223231268700903468NC687034Yes
IV28 3XA57.987785-4.154509272714901869NC727018Yes
IV28 3XB57.983813-4.131621274053901384NC740013Yes
IV28 3XD57.979425-4.145212273234900921NC732009Yes
IV28 3XE58.000065-4.139712273632903208NC736032Yes
IV28 3XF58.00846-4.146984273232904156NC732041Yes
IV28 3XG58.0158-4.177153271476905030NC714050Yes
IV28 3XH58.029421-4.159198272585906512NC725065Yes
IV28 3XJ57.986972-4.152633272822901775NC728017Yes
IV28 3XL57.988732-4.155902272635901977NC726019No
IV28 3XN57.987956-4.153944272748901887NC727018Yes
IV28 3XQ58.051721-4.214114269424909099NC694090Yes
IV28 3YD58.016887-4.137974273794905077NC737050Yes
IV28 3YE58.026351-4.114644275205906087NC752060Yes
IV28 3YF58.04172-4.123464274738907814NC747078Yes
IV28 3YG58.047791-4.147733273327908535NC733085Yes
IV28 3YH57.988732-4.155902272635901977NC726019No
IV28 3YQ58.063142-4.078083277490910115NC774101Yes
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