IV34 postcodes Archiestown (no longer in use)

This is a list of postcodes in the IV34 area covering the areas of Archiestown (no longer in use).

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IV34 7

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
IV34 7QP57.459273-3.296045322340841739NJ223417No
IV34 7QR57.459185-3.295875322350841729NJ223417No
IV34 7QS57.458255-3.307677321640841639NJ216416No
IV34 7QT57.468962-3.314729321240842839NJ212428No
IV34 7QU57.481603-3.308511321640844239NJ216442No
IV34 7QX57.482272-3.287186322920844289NJ229442No
IV34 7QY57.480767-3.284965323050844119NJ230441No
IV34 7QZ57.480866-3.284134323100844129NJ231441No
IV34 7RA57.481679-3.283663323130844219NJ231442No
IV34 7RB57.482079-3.279674323370844259NJ233442No
IV34 7RD57.468441-3.27803323440842739NJ234427No
IV34 7RE57.44682-3.283941323040840339NJ230403No
IV34 7RF57.44682-3.283941323040840339NJ230403No
IV34 7RG57.45414-3.270864323840841139NJ238411No
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