IV49 postcodes Highland

This is a list of postcodes in the IV49 area covering the areas of Broadford, Isle Of Skye, Highland. The area contains approximately 498 households with a population of about 1,104 (2011 census)

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IV49 9 

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
IV49 9AA57.246461-5.91118164145824084NG641240Yes
IV49 9AB57.2419-5.912388164043823581NG640235Yes
IV49 9AD57.240724-5.905712164438823427NG644234Yes
IV49 9AE57.239184-5.900873164720823239NG647232Yes
IV49 9AF57.239841-5.901141164708823313NG647233Yes
IV49 9AG57.239241-5.901924164657823249NG646232Yes
IV49 9AH57.233546-5.884359165680822555NG656225Yes
IV49 9AJ57.280631-6.008918158477828227NG584282Yes
IV49 9AL57.268596-5.974208160489826766NG604267Yes
IV49 9AN57.27631-6.045744156230827878NG562278Yes
IV49 9AP57.244788-5.915835163854823914NG638239Yes
IV49 9AQ57.238882-5.89413165125823182NG651231Yes
IV49 9AR57.242317-5.915169163878823637NG638236Yes
IV49 9AS57.216827-5.941817162107820895NG621208Yes
IV49 9AT57.209565-5.989812159164820256NG591202Yes
IV49 9AU57.208493-6.030605156695820282NG566202Yes
IV49 9AW57.243544-5.911567164103823761NG641237Yes
IV49 9AX57.183103-6.058073154869817557NG548175Yes
IV49 9AY57.243325-5.912257164060823739NG640237No
IV49 9AZ57.238797-5.900583164735823195NG647231Yes
IV49 9BA57.213303-6.013812157740820757NG577207Yes
IV49 9BB57.208044-5.991819159033820094NG590200Yes
IV49 9BD57.240636-5.911408164094823437NG640234Yes
IV49 9BE57.159732-6.082434153242815046NG532150No
IV49 9BF57.241077-5.908221164289823475NG642234Yes
IV49 9BG57.165539-6.055914154883815596NG548155Yes
IV49 9BH57.239097-5.908857164238823257NG642232Yes
IV49 9BJ57.147467-6.103087151912813757NG519137Yes
IV49 9BL57.152633-6.096644152336814308NG523143Yes
IV49 9BN57.186462-5.894346164778817353NG647173Yes
IV49 9BP57.271823-5.866867166977826752NG669267No
IV49 9BQ57.138362-6.074553153576812641NG535126Yes
IV49 9BS57.283794-5.932762163084828311NG630283Yes
IV49 9BT57.237968-5.899241164811823098NG648230Yes
IV49 9BU57.238215-5.899062164823823125NG648231Yes
IV49 9BW57.237715-5.898379164861823067NG648230Yes
IV49 9BX57.237965-5.899003164825823097NG648230Yes
IV49 9BY57.237568-5.884832165677823004NG656230Yes
IV49 9BZ57.239245-5.906175164401823264NG644232Yes
IV49 9DA57.239617-5.913804163943823332NG639233Yes
IV49 9DB57.239984-5.911836164064823366NG640233Yes
IV49 9DD57.238486-5.893873165138823137NG651231Yes
IV49 9DE57.236743-5.902173164626822972NG646229Yes
IV49 9DF57.236717-5.902159164627822969NG646229Yes
IV49 9DQ57.238498-5.893758165145823138NG651231Yes
IV49 9YA57.243095-5.915019163892823723NG638237No
IV49 9YB57.233459-5.946197161950822760NG619227No
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