IV52 postcodes Highland

This is a list of postcodes in the IV52 area covering the areas of Plockton, Highland. The area contains approximately 168 households with a population of about 385 (2011 census)

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IV52 8

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
IV52 8TD57.332149-5.66609179436832792NG794327Yes
IV52 8TE57.338009-5.65349180229833403NG802334Yes
IV52 8TF57.333009-5.666209179434832888NG794328Yes
IV52 8TG57.341676-5.649216180508833797NG805337Yes
IV52 8TH57.342292-5.650275180448833869NG804338Yes
IV52 8TJ57.341584-5.647411180616833781NG806337Yes
IV52 8TL57.340821-5.646437180670833693NG806336Yes
IV52 8TN57.339541-5.650899180394833565NG803335Yes
IV52 8TP57.336386-5.653046180246833221NG802332Yes
IV52 8TQ57.342415-5.651301180387833886NG803338Yes
IV52 8TR57.335138-5.663795179592833117NG795331Yes
IV52 8TS57.342174-5.654021180222833868NG802338Yes
IV52 8TT57.334607-5.664249179562833059NG795330Yes
IV52 8TU57.334608-5.670558179182833080NG791330Yes
IV52 8TW57.337413-5.652334180295833333NG802333Yes
IV52 8TX57.333011-5.667041179384832891NG793328Yes
IV52 8TY57.318979-5.649705180343831274NG803312Yes
IV52 8TZ57.334999-5.633574181409833004NG814330Yes
IV52 8UA57.330702-5.637621181140832539NG811325No
IV52 8UB57.3365-5.61866182315833123NG823331Yes
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