IV54 postcodes Highland

This is a list of postcodes in the IV54 area covering the areas of Applecross, Highland. The area contains approximately 617 households with a population of about 1,288 (2011 census)

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IV54 8 

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
IV54 8AA57.395862-5.502411189648839360NG896393Yes
IV54 8AB57.40245-5.606008183465840418NG834404Yes
IV54 8AD57.420039-5.820018170727843077NG707430Yes
IV54 8AG57.395835-5.503041189610839359NG896393Yes
IV54 8LN57.43217-5.811289171326844397NG713443Yes
IV54 8LP57.412444-5.813935171044842212NG710422Yes
IV54 8LQ57.40739-5.814259170993841651NG709416Yes
IV54 8LR57.432244-5.816264171028844422NG710444Yes
IV54 8LS57.426735-5.820607170733843824NG707438Yes
IV54 8LT57.414512-5.819642170714842461NG707424Yes
IV54 8LU57.408701-5.813729171033841795NG710417Yes
IV54 8LX57.396241-5.80329171582840374NG715403Yes
IV54 8LY57.380302-5.803535171468838602NG714386Yes
IV54 8LZ57.379489-5.827447170026838592NG700385Yes
IV54 8ND57.444052-5.802865171905845690NG719456Yes
IV54 8NE57.399853-5.818581170686840827NG706408Yes
IV54 8UD57.406954-5.480069191053840525NG910405Yes
IV54 8UE57.405005-5.481316190967840312NG909403Yes
IV54 8UF57.40631-5.479658191074840452NG910404Yes
IV54 8UG57.406377-5.48048191025840462NG910404Yes
IV54 8UH57.406518-5.48091191000840479NG910404No
IV54 8UJ57.406607-5.480918191000840489NG910404No
IV54 8UQ57.405292-5.482642190889840348NG908403Yes
IV54 8UY57.436007-5.595316184305844117NG843441Yes
IV54 8WA57.406954-5.480069191053840525NG910405No
IV54 8WE57.435132-5.591613184522844008NG845440No
IV54 8XA57.399442-5.599457183841840063NG838400Yes
IV54 8XB57.387266-5.598029183855838704NG838387Yes
IV54 8XD57.404354-5.610632183199840645NG831406Yes
IV54 8XE57.424602-5.596274184180842852NG841428Yes
IV54 8XF57.404474-5.624935182341840704NG823407Yes
IV54 8XG57.400114-5.5645185944840027NG859400Yes
IV54 8XH57.540693-5.711427177977856136NG779561Yes
IV54 8XJ57.510881-5.647071181648852611NG816526Yes
IV54 8XL57.52254-5.855267169259854597NG692545Yes
IV54 8XN57.523027-5.650474181517853973NG815539Yes
IV54 8XP57.529274-5.595128184866854491NG848544Yes
IV54 8XQ57.40773-5.479326191102840609NG911406Yes
IV54 8XR57.526644-5.677671179911854463NG799544Yes
IV54 8XS57.511916-5.653238181285852746NG812527Yes
IV54 8XT57.490854-5.860288168758851090NG687510Yes
IV54 8XU57.569481-5.786221173682859585NG736595Yes
IV54 8XW57.526072-5.649308181605854308NG816543Yes
IV54 8XX57.508215-5.86209168760853027NG687530Yes
IV54 8XY57.524316-5.643835181922854095NG819540Yes
IV54 8YA57.401548-5.490597190390839956NG903399Yes
IV54 8YB57.401878-5.486132190660839979NG906399Yes
IV54 8YD57.398796-5.497412189965839671NG899396Yes
IV54 8YE57.397739-5.498926189868839558NG898395Yes
IV54 8YF57.397326-5.500519189770839517NG897395Yes
IV54 8YG57.396012-5.507986189314839394NG893393Yes
IV54 8YH57.383361-5.520293188502838025NG885380Yes
IV54 8YJ57.361823-5.55283186422835731NG864357Yes
IV54 8YL57.356855-5.597295183720835319NG837353Yes
IV54 8YN57.436795-5.406959195609843622NG956436Yes
IV54 8YP57.395375-5.505345189469839315NG894393Yes
IV54 8YQ57.390411-5.510581189126838779NG891387Yes
IV54 8YR57.423559-5.428956194215842216NG942422Yes
IV54 8YS57.414874-5.473257191507841385NG915413Yes
IV54 8YT57.404795-5.47983191055840284NG910402Yes
IV54 8YU57.477886-5.332974200272847973NH002479Yes
IV54 8YW57.419879-5.464851192040841916NG920419Yes
IV54 8YX57.406804-5.44817192967840411NG929404Yes
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