IV55 postcodes Highland

This is a list of postcodes in the IV55 area covering the areas of Isle Of Skye, Highland. The area contains approximately 581 households with a population of about 1,209 (2011 census)

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IV55 8 

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
IV55 8GA57.515566-6.572516126296856489NG262564Yes
IV55 8GB57.521007-6.57842125984857118NG259571Yes
IV55 8GD57.513395-6.562182126898856206NG268562Yes
IV55 8GE57.508659-6.560837126943855674NG269556Yes
IV55 8GF57.494356-6.558883126953854076NG269540Yes
IV55 8GH57.536198-6.594304125148858871NG251588Yes
IV55 8GJ57.537708-6.597555124965859052NG249590Yes
IV55 8GL57.540562-6.606286124465859405NG244594Yes
IV55 8GN57.545395-6.614635124002859976NG240599Yes
IV55 8GP57.54999-6.570981126646860310NG266603Yes
IV55 8GQ57.562096-6.57614126429861677NG264616Yes
IV55 8GR57.544828-6.568961126728859728NG267597Yes
IV55 8GS57.440317-6.545707127339848015NG273480Yes
IV55 8GT57.434911-6.570036125840847512NG258475Yes
IV55 8GU57.428707-6.566759125990846809NG259468Yes
IV55 8GW57.552307-6.639757122553860847NG225608Yes
IV55 8GX57.489468-6.597575124600853689NG246536No
IV55 8GY57.4266-6.555141126671846528NG266465Yes
IV55 8GZ57.414305-6.536226127714845085NG277450Yes
IV55 8HA57.426685-6.556286126603846542NG266465Yes
IV55 8WA57.435013-6.578121125356847556NG253475Yes
IV55 8WB57.437411-6.582907125087847842NG250478Yes
IV55 8WD57.432379-6.574372125561847248NG255472No
IV55 8WE57.438813-6.584418125007848004NG250480Yes
IV55 8WF57.463305-6.599914124263850790NG242507Yes
IV55 8WG57.448546-6.707389117710849591NG177495Yes
IV55 8WH57.429371-6.569027125859846892NG258468Yes
IV55 8WJ57.447129-6.706573117748849430NG177494Yes
IV55 8WL57.445079-6.72255116775849269NG167492Yes
IV55 8WN57.453748-6.713566117380850195NG173501Yes
IV55 8WP57.444708-6.688543118810849086NG188490Yes
IV55 8WQ57.426274-6.582697125016846603NG250466Yes
IV55 8WR57.452786-6.754135114942850258NG149502Yes
IV55 8WS57.440071-6.695655118348848600NG183485Yes
IV55 8WT57.436639-6.766324114085848514NG140485Yes
IV55 8WU57.423373-6.788257112666847132NG126471Yes
IV55 8WW57.453321-6.702631118032850102NG180501Yes
IV55 8WX57.401025-6.723177116396844374NG163443Yes
IV55 8WY57.446417-6.739842115749849490NG157494Yes
IV55 8WZ57.432379-6.574372125561847248NG255472No
IV55 8YA57.445808-6.741741115630849430NG156494No
IV55 8YD57.520319-6.571423126397857013NG263570No
IV55 8YU57.520664-6.571583126390857052NG263570Yes
IV55 8ZA57.402839-6.544904127108843845NG271438Yes
IV55 8ZB57.395055-6.566596125748843067NG257430Yes
IV55 8ZD57.415173-6.530589128059845159NG280451Yes
IV55 8ZE57.40589-6.526152128256844109NG282441Yes
IV55 8ZF57.391526-6.512368128977842457NG289424Yes
IV55 8ZG57.383276-6.512684128897841541NG288415Yes
IV55 8ZH57.384497-6.519513128496841704NG284417Yes
IV55 8ZJ57.37827-6.519095128475841010NG284410Yes
IV55 8ZL57.404331-6.497898129940843823NG299438Yes
IV55 8ZN57.42717-6.555796126636846594NG266465Yes
IV55 8ZQ57.390336-6.517451128663842345NG286423Yes
IV55 8ZR57.436219-6.592415124508847748NG245477Yes
IV55 8ZS57.433624-6.626646122436847599NG224475Yes
IV55 8ZT57.446342-6.650095121127849109NG211491Yes
IV55 8ZU57.462911-6.675338119741851055NG197510Yes
IV55 8ZX57.476998-6.694173118721852699NG187526Yes
IV55 8ZY57.482828-6.694606118740853349NG187533Yes
IV55 8ZZ57.491726-6.700845118435854364NG184543Yes
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