IV9 postcodes Highland

This is a list of postcodes in the IV9 area covering the areas of Avoch, Highland. The area contains approximately 559 households with a population of about 1,314 (2011 census)

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IV9 8 

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
IV9 8AA57.567237-4.173072270114855098NH701550No
IV9 8PA57.567438-4.174438270033855123NH700551Yes
IV9 8PP57.567243-4.172871270126855099NH701550Yes
IV9 8PR57.567354-4.175135269991855115NH699551Yes
IV9 8PS57.566652-4.1773269859855041NH698550Yes
IV9 8PT57.567278-4.169094270352855095NH703550Yes
IV9 8PU57.566641-4.171147270227855028NH702550Yes
IV9 8PW57.559446-4.178843269741854242NH697542Yes
IV9 8PX57.566852-4.170892270243855051NH702550Yes
IV9 8PY57.566518-4.170437270269855013NH702550No
IV9 8PZ57.566884-4.170074270292855053NH702550Yes
IV9 8QA57.566989-4.169696270315855064NH703550Yes
IV9 8QB57.566884-4.170576270262855054NH702550Yes
IV9 8QD57.566095-4.17103270232854967NH702549Yes
IV9 8QE57.566228-4.171122270227854982NH702549Yes
IV9 8QF57.566336-4.172165270165854996NH701549Yes
IV9 8QG57.565805-4.1722270161854937NH701549Yes
IV9 8QH57.566782-4.171958270179855046NH701550Yes
IV9 8QJ57.568553-4.173852270072855246NH700552Yes
IV9 8QL57.567769-4.169809270311855151NH703551Yes
IV9 8QN57.568524-4.175523269972855246NH699552Yes
IV9 8QP57.569299-4.178027269825855337NH698553Yes
IV9 8QQ57.56617-4.172389270151854978NH701549Yes
IV9 8QR57.566491-4.174649270017855018NH700550Yes
IV9 8QS57.564621-4.175223269976854811NH699548Yes
IV9 8QT57.564061-4.174337270027854747NH700547Yes
IV9 8QU57.560869-4.176587269881854396NH698543Yes
IV9 8QW57.569084-4.177998269826855313NH698553Yes
IV9 8QX57.567824-4.172889270127855163NH701551Yes
IV9 8QY57.56958-4.175268269991855363NH699553Yes
IV9 8QZ57.565533-4.17394270056854910NH700549Yes
IV9 8RA57.571947-4.180778269670855637NH696556Yes
IV9 8RD57.571634-4.167631270455855577NH704555Yes
IV9 8RE57.570215-4.179085269765855441NH697554Yes
IV9 8RF57.573087-4.204142268277855809NH682558Yes
IV9 8RG57.584043-4.213705267745857047NH677570Yes
IV9 8RH57.593576-4.214234267748858109NH677581Yes
IV9 8RJ57.596915-4.192816269040858439NH690584No
IV9 8RL57.585449-4.180415269740857139NH697571No
IV9 8RN57.567218-4.188755269176855126NH691551Yes
IV9 8RP57.555703-4.203493268253853873NH682538Yes
IV9 8RQ57.591904-4.220541267365857935NH673579Yes
IV9 8RS57.569832-4.178912269774855398NH697553Yes
IV9 8RT57.575407-4.169929270331856002NH703560Yes
IV9 8RU57.572782-4.179239269765855727NH697557Yes
IV9 8RW57.569043-4.1845269437855321NH694553Yes
IV9 8RX57.570652-4.177205269879855486NH698554Yes
IV9 8RY57.57096-4.175467269984855517NH699555Yes
IV9 8WX57.567104-4.169285270340855076NH703550No
IV9 8WY57.567646-4.167043270476855132NH704551No
IV9 8WZ57.567646-4.167043270476855132NH704551No
IV9 8YA57.567646-4.167043270476855132NH704551No
IV9 8YD57.567646-4.167043270476855132NH704551No
IV9 8YE57.567646-4.167043270476855132NH704551No
IV9 8YW57.567089-4.169284270340855075NH703550Yes
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