LL38 2 postcodes Gwynedd

This is a list of postcodes in the LL38 2 area covering the areas of Fairbourne, Friog, Gwynedd. The area contains approximately 384 households with a population of about 724 (2011 census)

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LL38 2 

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
LL38 2AJ52.696935-4.049115261623312998SH616129Yes
LL38 2AQ52.696142-4.049618261587312911SH615129Yes
LL38 2AX52.696761-4.049847261573312980SH615129Yes
LL38 2AZ52.696965-4.051573261457313006SH614130Yes
LL38 2BJ52.697601-4.051677261452313077SH614130Yes
LL38 2BQ52.697911-4.053526261328313115SH613131Yes
LL38 2BX52.698239-4.051692261453313148SH614131Yes
LL38 2BZ52.698684-4.052497261400313199SH614131No
LL38 2DJ52.700774-4.056836261114313440SH611134Yes
LL38 2DQ52.700559-4.055871261178313414SH611134Yes
LL38 2DX52.697944-4.05617261150313124SH611131Yes
LL38 2DZ52.694897-4.055708261171312784SH611127Yes
LL38 2EJ52.696722-4.054669261247312985SH612129Yes
LL38 2EQ52.69791-4.05514261219313118SH612131Yes
LL38 2EX52.695558-4.050123261551312847SH615128Yes
LL38 2EY52.695591-4.054587261249312859SH612128Yes
LL38 2EZ52.695025-4.051926261427312791SH614127Yes
LL38 2HJ52.698293-4.044398261946313140SH619131Yes
LL38 2HQ52.694298-4.046697261778312700SH617127Yes
LL38 2HX52.697461-4.043116262030313045SH620130Yes
LL38 2HZ52.694329-4.045382261867312701SH618127Yes
LL38 2LJ52.698903-4.055408261204313229SH612132Yes
LL38 2LQ52.698153-4.050459261536313136SH615131Yes
LL38 2LX52.698639-4.055995261164313201SH611132Yes
LL38 2LZ52.699393-4.055587261194313284SH611132Yes
LL38 2NJ52.691351-4.048113261673312375SH616123Yes
LL38 2NQ52.692138-4.045768261834312458SH618124Yes
LL38 2NX52.690305-4.048834261621312260SH616122Yes
LL38 2NZ52.689612-4.050429261511312186SH615121Yes
LL38 2PJ52.697228-4.052962261364313038SH613130Yes
LL38 2PQ52.697397-4.054139261285313059SH612130Yes
LL38 2PX52.696241-4.051317261472312925SH614129Yes
LL38 2PZ52.695892-4.05008261555312884SH615128Yes
LL38 2QY52.695683-4.053407261329312867SH613128Yes
LL38 2QZ52.696323-4.050744261511312933SH615129Yes
LL38 2RJ52.696237-4.04112262161312905SH621129Yes
LL38 2RQ52.694954-4.044094261956312768SH619127Yes
LL38 2RX52.692724-4.045537261851312523SH618125Yes
LL38 2RZ52.69237-4.044817261899312482SH618124Yes
LL38 2SJ52.688791-4.05264261359312099SH613120Yes
LL38 2SQ52.688919-4.051995261403312112SH614121Yes
LL38 2SX52.689177-4.052155261393312141SH613121Yes
LL38 2SZ52.689147-4.05225261387312138SH613121Yes
LL38 2TJ52.692346-4.038771262308312468SH623124Yes
LL38 2TQ52.691783-4.042866262029312413SH620124Yes
LL38 2TX52.694045-4.044643261916312668SH619126Yes
LL38 2TZ52.695819-4.0518261438312879SH614128Yes
LL38 2UQ52.695277-4.051435261461312818SH614128Yes
LL38 2WX52.74196-3.884534272875317702SH728177No
LL38 2ZA52.74196-3.884534272875317702SH728177No
LL38 2ZB52.74196-3.884534272875317702SH728177No
LL38 2ZE52.74196-3.884534272875317702SH728177No
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