LL70 postcodes Anglesey

This is a list of postcodes in the LL70 area covering the areas of Dulas, Anglesey. The area contains approximately 117 households with a population of about 269 (2011 census)

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LL70 9 

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
LL70 9DJ53.366484-4.297286247242387973SH472879Yes
LL70 9DQ53.372731-4.297366247259388668SH472886Yes
LL70 9DX53.365082-4.31491246064387855SH460878Yes
LL70 9DZ53.366867-4.305363246706388033SH467880Yes
LL70 9EJ53.361065-4.302714246861387382SH468873Yes
LL70 9EQ53.362491-4.300566247009387536SH470875Yes
LL70 9EX53.360798-4.296522247272387339SH472873Yes
LL70 9EZ53.357192-4.284366248068386912SH480869Yes
LL70 9HJ53.349988-4.273222248784386087SH487860Yes
LL70 9HQ53.35229-4.268497249107386333SH491863Yes
LL70 9HX53.348554-4.274874248669385931SH486859Yes
LL70 9HZ53.352562-4.28719247864386403SH478864Yes
LL70 9LJ53.386772-4.278242248581390189SH485901Yes
LL70 9LQ53.382933-4.287645247942389782SH479897Yes
LL70 9LX53.382796-4.286805247997389765SH479897Yes
LL70 9LZ53.377343-4.288452247868389162SH478891Yes
LL70 9PJ53.3566-4.284325248069386846SH480868Yes
LL70 9PQ53.363452-4.273894248787387586SH487875Yes
LL70 9PX53.356262-4.282227248207386804SH482868Yes
LL70 9PZ53.354321-4.27467248703386572SH487865Yes
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