LL78 postcodes Anglesey

This is a list of postcodes in the LL78 area covering the areas of Brynteg, Anglesey. The area contains approximately 209 households with a population of about 502 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
LL78 7JF53.326034-4.290735247533383460SH475834Yes
LL78 7JG53.324153-4.259745249590383185SH495831Yes
LL78 7JH53.312429-4.27063248824381904SH488819Yes
LL78 7JJ53.306558-4.274921248517381260SH485812Yes
LL78 7JL53.302946-4.281819248045380873SH480808Yes
LL78 7JQ53.321844-4.261581249460382932SH494829Yes
LL78 8AD53.316783-4.258655249637382363SH496823Yes
LL78 8JF53.319059-4.259551249585382618SH495826Yes
LL78 8JG53.317221-4.263552249312382422SH493824Yes
LL78 8JH53.318723-4.26114249478382584SH494825Yes
LL78 8JJ53.319333-4.260262249539382650SH495826Yes
LL78 8JL53.31915-4.262829249367382635SH493826Yes
LL78 8JN53.320365-4.261316249472382767SH494827Yes
LL78 8JP53.320057-4.259549249589382729SH495827Yes
LL78 8JQ53.318435-4.260238249537382550SH495825Yes
LL78 8JR53.320037-4.258227249677382724SH496827Yes
LL78 8JS53.32162-4.252494250064382888SH500828Yes
LL78 8JT53.324412-4.254599249934383203SH499832Yes
LL78 8JW53.31979-4.260866249500382702SH494827Yes
LL78 8JY53.316164-4.257647249702382292SH497822Yes
LL78 8JZ53.311066-4.251973250062381713SH500817Yes
LL78 8QA53.311389-4.265276249177381777SH491817Yes
LL78 8ZA53.311372-4.265269249177381775SH491817No
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